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    Hello everyone,,
    So I used to use roll20 as a trial for some online map coordination. I've been working on a side project on and off for a few years and am coming back to my own implementation of a similar mapping system.

    My interim goal is to allow some basic drawing and object management but also panning. So I can drag things left and right off the canvas but how do you preserve that for however large it is desired? E.g. If I pan over 10000 px and start drawing, how can I preserve the other drawings that are now way off screen.

    My only thought is to keep another hidden canvas layer and treat the panning as a viewport but this seems imperfect since the hidden canvas can't exceed the monitor size. The only way I can imagine getting around that is understanding when you hit the hidden limit, scale everything down (like a hidden zoom out) so that you now "have more space". However, I'm pretty sure this will hit a resolution problem at some point (probably pretty quickly since I recall having some scaling problems with canvas before).

    Just wanted to get some bearings on whether there is a solution I missed and/or whether my concerns are sound.

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